Decentralised real-estate ownership through distributed ledger* technology.

We live in a world of ever-increasing rents and real-estate prices, that are unmatched with the evidently stagnating salaries.1.

A person with an average salary finds it increasingly difficult to afford rent in major cities like Berlin, London, New York, Tokyo...2

This trend has not spared Germany3 and its metropolitan cities. Since 2009, real-estate prices have been increasing4 due to urbanization, decrease in unemployment, and high demand for living spaces.

The trend is not expected to wear off in the foreseeable future.

As a rule of thumb, an average person spends 1/3 of the salary5 to secure a comfortable accommodation in a convenient geographic area at an affordable price.

However, in major big cities the rent may take up to 2/3 of one's salary.6. Combined with continuous increase of real estate prices, the unfavorable rent/salary ratio prevents an average employed individual from purchasing a property.

While 30-60 years ago7 one could become a property owner within a few years of stable employment, that's no longer the case nowadays.

Other issues include unfair practices the real-estate agencies employ to artificially drive the prices of rent and properties8.

To maximize ROI, they boost housing prices by lowering supply, building luxury apartments, and using renovation as an excuse to win a higher paying tenant in the market characterized by high demand.

Combined, these actions inflate rent and property prices hindering the bargaining power of the buyers on the real estate market.

The major problem for an individual is a high barriers of entry to the real estate market. An average person does not possess enough capital to invest into properties.

Even when one has the means, or takes up the mortgage, to invest in real-estate, there are more obstacles on the way.

I.e. the person is not able to diversify the investment portfolio. Even though real-estate investments are relatively safe and promise high ROI, one may have to wait years profit from the investment.

Having said this, we have barely touched the tip of the problems that exist with the real-estate system; there is a wide range of issues when it comes to rent and real-estate, but every problem comes with a solution, as you will see in the coming section.